Valentine's Day at Meduza Mediterrania: A Romantic Culinary Journey

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New York City in mid-February is a scene straight out of a love story, where the increasing daylight lifts spirits, hinting at the approaching spring season. Couples find themselves wrapped in the city's enchanting embrace, exploring avenues of affection as the air buzzes with anticipation for Valentine's Day.

At the heart of this grand city, Meduza Mediterrania becomes a retreat for partners, offering a dining experience that captivates and leaves a lasting impression on their celebration of love.

An Evening of Exclusive Dining:

For one enchanted evening, we're delighted to offer an intimate dining experience in our elegant Meatpacking District space. Savor our affectionately crafted $149 Prix Fixe menu and become transported to the essence of the Mediterranean's sun-drenched coasts.

We warmly invite you to join us on Valentine's Day for an evening to kindle the flames of romance as we celebrate cherished bonds. Make nostalgic memories while our thoughtfully composed dishes evoke the tastes, sounds, and colors of a romantic getaway for two.

Appetizers to Ignite the Romance

Valentine's Day at Meduza Mediterrania offers a unique beginning with its appetizer selection. Couples can choose between half-shell oysters, enhancing the moment with a hint of the ocean, or spiced hamachi, a delicate blend of citrus and herbs. Each choice is designed to complement the shared experience, setting a tone of discovery and connection.

The menu extends to include finely chopped kale, a fresh contrast with its touch of garlic and lemon, and spiced prawns that bring a gentle heat. These dishes, carefully prepared with Mediterranean flair, promise to engage the senses and enrich the evening's ambiance.

Entrées: A Symphony of Flavors:

Next, the entrée array at Meduza Mediterrania beckons couples with dishes that promise a feast not just for the palate but for the soul. The grilled branzino, with its subtle char and herbaceous lift, mirrors the freshness of a new relationship, vibrant and full of discovery.

Meanwhile, the black truffle cacio e pepe offers a depth of flavor that's as complex and rewarding as a long-term bond, with each forkful strengthening the ties that bind.

The chicken milanese, crisp on the outside and tender within, served alongside a lively salad, and the lobster arrabbiata, with its bold spice, cater to those who seek both comfort and adventure in their culinary choices.

Opting for the ribeye top cap introduces a decadent note, its robust flavors and tender texture swathed in red wine jus and garlic confit, reminiscent of a love that deepens and enriches over time.

Perfect Pairings: Sides to Complement

The side dishes at Meduza Mediterrania are the unsung heroes that complete the dining experience, much like the perfect supporting cast to a blockbuster romance.

Crispy brussels sprouts come glazed in honey-soy balsamic, with toasted almonds adding a crunch that's the ideal complement to the delicate flavors of the grilled branzino or the deep savoriness of the petite filet—think of them as the Jack to your Rose, offering steadfast support and enhancing the journey.

The baby spinach, lightly dressed with roasted garlic and EVOO, and the smooth lemon pomme purée, pair with entrees in a way that’s harmonious and unexpectedly perfect, bringing out the best in every bite of chicken milanese or black truffle cacio e pepe.

And for a touch of heat, batata harra brings parsley, garlic, and Calabrian chili into the mix, spicing things up like a classic love-hate romance that always ends in harmony. These sides accompany your meal and enrich it, making each entree and appetizer combination a narrative worth savoring, with Cupid's arrow striking the perfect balance of flavors.

Sweet Endings: Decadent Desserts:

As the evening at Meduza Mediterrania draws to a close, our dessert offerings stand ready to enchant and delight. The olive oil cake, with its moist crumb infused with the zest of orange and the warmth of cardamom, promises a tender farewell, like a gentle kiss goodbye under the starlit New York sky.

Then, there’s the wild berry butter cake (pictured), a harmony of textures and flavors with its feuilletine crumble and a dollop of vanilla ice cream, offering a moment of pure bliss. And for those seeking a refreshing end, our sorbet - in either lemon or raspberry - provides a crisp, clean taste that gently concludes your Valentine's Day feast, leaving you and your loved one with a taste of sweet memories made and shared.

Elevate Your Experience: Luxurious Add-Ons

Our add-on selections, featuring Greek salad and lamb chops, invite diners to explore the essence of Mediterranean cuisine. The Greek salad, with its crisp vegetables and tangy feta, paired with the rich flavors of lamb chops accented by chimichurri, offers a delightful contrast that enhances the dining experience.

Raising the meal's sophistication, the ossetra caviar, accompanied by warm blinis, introduces a note of luxury and indulgence. The seafood tower, an impressive array of chilled lobster, clams, shrimp, and oysters, promises a sensory delight, inviting guests to savor the unparalleled bounty of the ocean.

The Ambiance of Love at Meduza:

As you and your partner enter Meduza Mediterrania, you're immediately enveloped in an atmosphere that's a nod to the enchanting isles of Greece. The space unfolds in layers of natural elegance, from the undulating patterns that echo the rhythm of the sea to the warm glow of custom lighting that softens the evening.

Here, amidst the buzz of the Meatpacking District, you find a serene oasis. The atmosphere intricately weaves together indoor and outdoor seating, creating intimate nooks and expansive views, perfect for a night of whispered sweet nothings and shared glances. Additionally, our atrium, with its open view to the starlit sky, crafts an ambiance as enduring and profound as the tales of love itself.

Reservations: Securing Your Spot:

To guarantee a memorable Valentine's Day, booking ahead at Meduza Mediterrania is essential. Our high-end dining experience is in peak demand on this celebrated evening.

Act quickly to secure your spot in our romantic setting, ensuring you and your partner can enjoy the pinnacle of love and luxury. With every table destined to fill, your timely reservation is the key to an unforgettable night.

An Invitation to Indulge in Love:

Celebrate Valentine's Day at Meduza Mediterrania, where an exclusive $149 Prix Fixe menu awaits, promising a journey through the Mediterranean's finest flavors. From appetizers that spark connection to entrées that cavort with complexity and sides that complement every note - your evening is set to be unforgettable.

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