Surrender to Temptation

Our name, Mēdüzā, reflects the rich mythology of the Mediterranean and embodies the enticing charm that awaits our guests. Inspired by the transformation and allure found in the story of Medusa, we invite you to immerse yourself in a world of culinary brilliance, adventurous exploration, and mindful intrigue.


An Extraordinary Culinary Journey

Founded by Noble 33 Hospitality Group, Mēdüzā was established with the guiding principle of cherishing moments spent with friends. More than a restaurant, it is our mission to redefine the art of dining.

Inspired by the Timeless Allure of the Mediterranean

At Mēdüzā, we transport you to the heart of the Mediterranean, where traditions come to life and time slows to a leisurely pace. Every moment is devoted to celebrating the beauty of each meal, providing a high-energy, boundary-breaking dining experience that connects you to the radiant shores, clear waters, and lively culture of the region.

Culinary Innovation

At Mēdüzā, we champion culinary innovation, creativity, and a pursuit of excellence. Our guests are treated to inventive flavors, techniques, and presentations that enchant and astonish. We continue to lead the industry, setting new benchmarks and redefining high-energy, upscale dining.


The Mediterrnean spans from the rocky shores of Gibraltar, to the majestic passage way of the Suez Canal. What unifies the region is the single defining, shared experience of dining with family and friends.

Master Mixologist and Noble 33 Beverage Curator, Carla Lorenzo has created a story telling experiential menu, using artesian regional ingredients, paying tribute to old world values centered around quality and freshness.
Carla's program is about experience as much as it is about cocktails. Constantly pushing boundaries asking not how something tastes but how it makes you feel. Parallel to our cuisine, our beverage offering unites the pageantry of a bespoke cocktail experience, with the simplicity of raw ingredients paired with the finest spirits around the globe.


Experiential Excellence

Our welcoming atmosphere transports you to the sunlit shores, pristine waters, and vibrant culture of the Mediterranean, enriched by worldwide inspirations. Every facet, from the ambient temperature and surroundings to the sound, lighting, and overall mood, is meticulously curated to ensure each moment radiates awe, elegance, and authenticity.