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Meduza Mediterrania

A Mediterranean Inspired Restaurant Experience

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Noble 33 Hospitality Group

Noble 33 is a seasoned lifestyle hospitality company with establishments both stateside and abroad that offer premium culinary and entertainment experiences to patrons. Pioneered by entrepreneurs Tosh Berman and Mikey Tanha, Noble 33 has a brand-first philosophy that allows the company to create standout restaurants with a focus on innovation, impeccable service, lively ambiance, and modern design. The hospitality group leads the management and continued expansion of iconic brands, including Toca Madera, Casa Madera, and Sparrow Italia, while also developing new concepts that will expand the boundaries of high-energy, fine-dining restaurants. Future targets for new Noble 33 establishments include New York, Houston, and Miami with an existing portfolio in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, London, Scottsdale, and Toronto.