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Finding the right private dining space in NYC can turn a regular event into something extra special. But it's crucial to match your event's atmosphere with a venue that perfectly caters to your needs.

Factors like the flexibility of the space, the number of guests it can accommodate, the amenities offered, and the quality of food and drink service are essential.

Whether it's for private parties, private events, or an intimate space - these details work together to ensure your event stands out, offering an exceptional experience for all your guests.

Key Things to Consider When Booking a Private Dining Room in New York

Before we look at the important things to consider, let's answer an essential question:

What is a private dining room?

A private dining room is a separate, exclusive space within a restaurant or venue where a group can enjoy a private dining experience or event, away from the main dining area.

Here are the essential elements to make your private event shine:

1 - Type of event

Identifying the nature of your New York gathering is vital when researching private dining options.

Special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, or intimate gatherings with close friends and family may warrant a cozy, sophisticated setting. Whereas cocktail receptions or corporate events might require a more spacious event space with a lively ambiance.

Ultimately, the right private dining room should complement the event's purpose, creating an exceptional experience for all attendees.

2 - Location and Accessibility

Choosing the right neighborhood is key for your private dining experience in New York City. Consider the West Village or Greenwich Village for their charming streets and cozy atmosphere, or explore the trendy energy of the Meatpacking District.

If convenience is a priority, look into options in Midtown East, Times Square, or Midtown Manhattan, with their proximity to major transit hubs.

3 - Capacity and Layout

Think carefully about your group's size and the kind of event you're planning.

Need a private dining event space for a smaller corporate gathering? Some New York restaurants offer intimate dining rooms that seat a select number of guests. Or - if you're hosting a larger party - explore options for buyouts where you have the entire restaurant to yourself.

4 - Ambiance, Amenities, and Budget

The ambiance of a private dining room plays a big role in setting the mood for your New York event.

Do you envision an elegant setting with classic decor? Or does your event call for a room with a vibrant atmosphere? Consider aesthetic factors like natural light, ceiling windows, and panoramic views.

Beyond the look and feel, inquire about specific amenities offered by the dining room options. Ask yourself:

  • What's your overall budget? What can you afford?
  • Do you need dedicated A/V equipment for presentations? Business dinners in particular will need these.
  • Does the venue have a minimum spend?
  • Have you enough dining room seats to cover everyone? (it's better to slightly overbook than to underbook here)

Understanding these details will ensure the space aligns perfectly with your needs.

5 - Food and Drink Service

Does your event call for the refined flavors of a French restaurant, or the comforting classics of American cuisine? New York City sizzles with culinary diversity so explore the possibilities – vibrant Indian cuisine, authentic Greek cuisine, or a grand celebration of Italian dishes.

And don't forget the drinks! If wine pairings are central to your dining experience, seek out restaurants known for their extensive wine list. Or - if you are looking for something a little lighter - seek a venue with tasty crafted cocktails.

Immersive Dining in a Mediterranean Oasis

Lose yourself in an immersive dining experience from the moment you enter Meduza Mediterrania. This unique venue blends rustic touches recalling ancient stonework with the clean lines of modern design, all under the breathtaking views of a glass atrium.

Whether you're planning social gatherings, an intimate rehearsal dinner, a lively cocktail party, or a celebratory dinner, Meduza offers versatile spaces to make your gathering extra special.

Our Private Event Spaces:


  • Capacity: Comfortably accommodates 165 standing guests or 110 for a seated experience. Available in multiple configurations.
  • Size: 2,893 sq ft of adaptable space.
  • Features: Flooded with natural light, this adaptable space can be transformed to suit various events. Its spaciousness and high ceilings create a sense of airy openness, reminiscent of outdoor Mediterranean dining. Imagine your corporate launches or mixers taking place here, or festive holiday celebrations set against the backdrop of the soaring glass structure.

Indoor Dining Lounge

  • Capacity: Seats up to 60 guests or hosts 80 - perfect for a vibrant cocktail reception or a birthday party that needs a little class.
  • Size: 1,006 sq ft with a dedicated bar and DJ booth.
  • Features: High ceilings contribute to a lively atmosphere in this mid-sized sumptuous option. The dedicated bar and DJ booth make this space ideal for celebrations where drinks and atmosphere are central. Envision cocktail hours with expertly crafted libations, or lively dinner parties with a curated soundtrack.


  • Capacity: Perfect for private gatherings and intimate settings of up to 22 guests.
  • Size: A cozy 407 sq ft space.
  • Features: Offers a sense of seclusion, with adjustable lighting and sound to customize the ambiance. Well-suited for focused meetings or private dinners where uninterrupted conversation is paramount. This space provides the privacy needed for business discussions or intimate celebrations with close friends and family.

A Sampling of the Cuisine

Here's a small sample of some of the menus served up by our Italian chefs:

  • Raw Bar Delights: Indulge in luxurious bluefin tuna with caviar, or share the Torre De Mare seafood tower laden with oysters, clams, lobster, and shrimp.
  • Flavorful Starters: Begin with the zesty flavors of spicy hamachi, or experience the richness of wagyu carpaccio.
  • Mains and Robata: Discover robata-grilled options, pasta dishes, or grilled seafood like branzino.

Signature Cocktails

Elevate your event with Meduza's creative cocktails that evoke Mediterranean destinations and highlight fresh, fruity flavors.

Meduza Mediterrania: A celebration to remember

At Meduza Mediterrania, we don’t just host events - we create distinctive days and nights.

Whether you’re drawn to the expansive Atrium, the cozy Indoor Dining Lounge, or the private Mezzanine - we promise an experience that blends the atmosphere of the Mediterranean with the allure of New York’s skyline.

And with an Italian feast of bold flavors from our executive chef, your next event will be the city’s next talked-about gathering

Reach out, and let’s plan something spectacular together.

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